Friday, June 8, 2018

Empathy for children of Golden State Killer and dirty cop

   After the estranged wife of DeAngelo, the alleged Golden State Killer, East Side Rapist, Dirty cop, and on and on made her statement, many were
left wondering.

   What do these children do? How do they answer to those who say they must have known? Where
can they hide for the rest of their lives with this shame on their family.

   How does any family go on when one in their family shames the family name?  Do they change their names, move far away, what?

   The wife said that the press has questions, the main one being 'how could this have gone on for 40 years, dirty cop, to serial killer, rapist, and on and on, and she know NOTHING?

   It happens to families who are forced to live with their shame forever, due to nothing they did, but a mentally unstable sibling or husband or father did to make the name synonymous with pure shame! We feel for those folks everywhere!

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