Monday, June 11, 2018

Is Calaveras Sheriff falisifying cannabis reports??

   After speaking to several involved people in the legal cannabis business in Calaveras County, we came to the realization that someone appears to be falsifying documents in order to show criminality.

   One person even told us he was an inspector brought in at the beginning of the permit process, who was to go around and check for proper CO2 sensors and legal pesticides.

   This person told us that the Sheriff demands TWO deputies must accompany all inspections because all cannabis growers are dangerous criminals!  ARE THEY KIDDING US??

   The expense of those two wasted deputies, not to mention all the waste of deputies the Calaveras Sheriff uses just to cut down plants because Planning told them where the legal growers are.

   It's a wonder there aren't more lawsuits than there already are.  Do we need a new Sheriff or can he be brought to his senses?

  What a waste of TAXPAYER money!!!  Abuse of power, misuse of government funds?

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