Thursday, June 14, 2018

Letter to the Editor: You might think this strange, but...

  Dear Editor:

   The strangest thing happened to me a few days ago. I got a weird notice in the mail that I owed a bunch of money for a Toll Fee
I didn't pay at a booth in the Bay Area.

   It was from a company called Fastrak, who collects the tolls for the corporation Conduent, I eventually found out.  They rake in billions every year from bridges, etc. in California.

   There was a license number that was not one of my vehicles and I called long distance because the threats on the notice were scary.

   The person who answered said the camera/computer has a different number, one digit different from the form and it wasn't their fault.  It was just a mistake.

   These people are NOT held accountable for their threats, harassments and cost of long distance phone calls, much less my time. I demanded a manager call me back and that never happened.

   So then I emailed the corporate office. They, too could care less about my problem.  Too big to FAIL, too big to CARE???

   So, is this one of Caltrans or Jerry Brown's pet companies? I want to know. They used to be owned by Xerox and now are on their own and on the Fortune 500. I wonder why???

   Has this ever happened to anyone else in the area?

   Disgusted in Angels Camp

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