Monday, June 18, 2018

Take Law Enforcement's advice--Neighbor from Hell # 42

   If you have what you've witnessed as a completely mentally unstable neighbor--one that
you have repeatedly reported for many crimes, whether trespassing, vandalism or violent acts, take the advice we have heard from a law enforcement specialist.

   Keep at least one shotgun, hunting rifle, even a .22 by your back door, or near wherever you may need it to protect yourself and your family.  Your have the right to protect yourself.

     Do not take chances with anyone you have witnessed as mentally unstable or violent, or someone
with a record of violence and vicious violent threats or comments, male or female.  Trust your instincts.

   A person with no honor and no reason to worry about their respect in the future will feel they have nothing to lose. PROTECT Yourself!  You have the RIGHT!!

  And document everything. After you are dead, it matters!!! Pay attention, people! Trump is President and his racist Cult members are truly DEPLORABLE and dangerous !!!

   Neighbor from Hell # 42 may be the worst we've ever heard of.

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