Sunday, June 10, 2018

Thank you for the anonymous tips--Leakers and tipsters will SAVE our country

   Quite some time ago we reported a burglary to one of our properties. The Calaveras Sheriff did not investigate, so we offered a reward
for information leading to the arrest of the criminals responsible.

   The Calaveras Sheriff continued to do nothing although we named the suspects; (suspects were criminal and racist friends and supporters of his??): however, we received numerous tips from our wonderful readers.   

   The good news is that we have recently recovered many of our stolen antiques in another town. 
   We believe that the wonderful people who love the Sierra Sentinel will be part of the reason why Trump and his racist, sick, Democracy hating creeps will be thrown out and our country will be saved from the ravages of the "deplorables".

   Thank you all again!!  We continue to search for some of the smaller items that were taken at the time. All evidence we have uncovered leads to the original suspects we turned over to the Calaveras Sheriff.

   It's the patriotic leakers and tipsters who will SAVE our country from destruction by the Trump regime.

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