Thursday, June 14, 2018

Why are we receiving initials?

Of course this poor thing died after being tortured and
strangled. What or who is KS, KS, KS?
  We have been receiving unsolicited anonymous tips about a perfect kitty being tortured and strangled as part of the conspiracy Helter Skelter attack to try
and get the Sierra Sentinel to stop writing about the racists, dirty cops and violent gun thugs.

   All the comments says are KS, KS, KS!  What does this mean? Is someone knows, please notify us. We are now consolidating all forms of the Helter Skelter attacks of which Sheriff DiBasilio has apparently approved.

   What is this KS, KS, KS?  We WILL find out, because we have wonderful readers out there listening to the scum.


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about a conspiracy to silence the press with threats and intimidation? Feds should be after these.

Anonymous said...

Unbeelivable! Here in our area? I want to know why this sheriff doesn't havet hem under arrst.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that the current Sh basilio knows and condones this or that he is in charge of IT?

Anonymous said...

Well, since Kate Spade died....