Monday, August 27, 2012

ASPCA: "California's Dogs and Wildlife are Counting on YOU"

   Dear California Animal Advocates,

   Thanks to your continuing support and actions, California Senate Bill 1221 to ban the cruel and unsporting practice of "hounding" bears and bobcats is moving to the Assembly floor for a vote!

   California's legislative session ends this month.  We have just two weeks to get SB 1221 passed in the Assembly and sent to the governor's desk.

   Hounding is a type of hunting that involves fitting dogs with radio devises that allow bear and bobcat "houndsmen" to monitor the dogs' movements remotely.

   Dogs are released to chase a frightened wild animal---often for miles--until the animal is exhausted and typically seeks refuge in a tree.

   At that point, the "hunter" walks up and shoots the terrified bear or bobcat down.

   The dogs suffer, too.  In the course of defending themselves, bears have inflicted fatal injuries to dogs.

   And when one of these dogs are injured, it's often easier for their owners to dump them than to treat them.

   If dogs show fear or can't keep up, they often are are abandoned to starve to death.

   We know assemblymembers are hearing from the hunters. It is important that they also hear from you, the bill's supporters, before time runs out for California's dogs and wildlife.

   You can visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online right now to email and call your state assemblymember in Sacramento to urge him/her to pass SB 1221.

     Thank you California,



Anonymous said...

If we do not response at the state level you will not be heard. Our BOS thinks killing frightened bears is not only acceptable, but good clean fun. Say it at the polls not vote for any of the incumbents who think hound hunting bears is ok. And forget Rico...not only was he useless when was here...he hound hunts bears.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. i wasn't even aware it was happening.