Friday, August 31, 2012

Chips Firefighter Rescues Baby Bobcat

  As of August 29, 2012 the Chips fire, which in now a month old, has consumed 74, 125 acres, but is now 87% contained.

  Hot Shot Crews are trying to contain a  slow western progression of the fire by digging, clearing and moving large rocks in rugged forest with steep terrain.

   The best story of the day is about a firefighter named Tad Hair, who spotted a baby bobcat
walking along the side of the road, dazed and confused.

    According to Hair, he checked it out, and it seemed to be healthy, but when he tried to walk away, it followed him, and when he stopped, it would curl up on his boot.

   Now named "Chips" the poor kit was not able to see, possibly due to smoke or ash in its eyes. They took the kit to a wildlife rescue group. We will follow the story to see how it does, and let you know.

   We can't even allow ouselves to imagine what happened to all the wildlife that lived in this decimated forest.

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