Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If You Care.....

This is Teddy...he and his brother Bear were found
starving near the body of their mother, who had
been brutally killed and left. They were taken to a
wildlife shelter and cared for, then released back
into the wild.

CA: State Assembly to Vote on Cruel Hounding of Bears and Bobcats

CA S.B. 1221—Ban on Hounding Bears/Bobcats ASPCA Position:  Support
Action Needed:  Using the email below, contact your California state senator to urge him or her to support this important humane bill! For added impact, you may also call your state assembly in Sacramento.

The full California SAssembly will soon vote on Senate Bill 1221 to ban the cruel and unsporting practice of "hounding" bears and bobcats. It is currently legal in California to use a pack of dogs to chase bears and bobcats for hours. In order to locate the quarry, hunters follow the radio signal emitting from the dogs' collars. They then shoot the defenseless bear or bobcat, who by then is exhausted and typically hiding in a tree. This is not a sport—it is cruelty.
Consider these points:

- Only 18 states still allow this practice; California should not be one of them. Even in Pennsylvania and Montana, where hunting is more popular, this practice has been banned.
- Often a bear will turn on the dogs giving chase and severely injure one or more of them.
- A large 2011 Mason-Dixon Poll indicated that 83 percent of Californians oppose bear hounding.
- Less than one percent of Californians hunt, yet many people are offended, bothered, disrupted and upset by bear hounding activities.
- Due to this type of hunting, animal shelters are often inundated with cast-off or injured hunting dogs no longer wanted by their owners. If an animal is perceived as being a poor hunting animal, he or she is often simply abandoned or dumped for local residents and animal control to contend with. The dogs are victims of this practice as well.
This is not a fair sport. It is a disgrace and should be banned in California.
What You Can DoPlease email your California state assemblyperson now to request that he or she support S.B. 1221 and vote to pass it. Don't forget to add your own thoughts explaining why this ban is important to you.
We hope you will also consider making a quick phone call to your senator's office in Sacramento to express your support for this bill. Calling is quick and easy! Look up your state assemblypersons name and phone number here.
Thank you, California!


Anonymous said...

it will do no good to e-mail or call your senator if they are republican, because they think hunting and torturing animals is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

NO actually only thosre represnting the "hunting areas" are supportive of the beah hunts. because their constituentshunt and because they are afraid. very afraid