Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letter to the Editor ... About Voting

   Dear Editor:

    How stupid are we Democrats anyway?  My friends say boycott or write in some other candidate because there are two Republicans in the Assembly race.

   You are the smart ones, Sierra Sentinel! Are you Democrats or what? Oh, well, please give me more information on Frank Bigelow.  I just read that Oller has already declared he's a candidate for Senate two years from now.
    How over confident can one person be?

   Anyway, don't throw away your vote, Democrats! That will secure Oller in the Assembly. I'm voting for Bigelow. He's the only one who seems moderate enough to be sensible.

   No more Bible in our laws and politics! I'm sick of it.

                                                 T in Arnold


Anonymous said...

you are so right

Anonymous said...

T in Arnold, Do you support our Constitution? God is in the Constitution. I don't recall any discussion of Bible in the Constitution. Please correct me if I'm wrong.