Friday, August 31, 2012

email from Supervisor Spellman - Superintendent Mark Campbell - Mr. Casey

In regards to the email from Supervisor Spellman wherein he issued a complaint about the West Point Elementary Teacher Mr. Casey, to Superintendent Mark Cambell:

I have spoken with Mr. Casey and we both agree that even though everyone has the right to file a complaint, it should stay between the one voicing the complaint, the Superintendent and the individual involved.
If you feel that you must cover this as a news story, I would ask that you please leave Mr. Casey's name out of any article. He is a good teacher, well respected and an asset to our West point Elementary school. I would not like his professional reputation as a Educator to be effected by these allegations.
I have trust in Superintendent Campbell's desire and ability to handle this in the proper manner.
Bryce Randall

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Anonymous said...

So you're saying it would have been better to file a written complaint? Then if it was deemed credible or the alleged person owned up or denied, it would become a personnel issue covered by the Brown Act?
Why would Mr. Spellman care about the Brown Act? Wasn't he involved with Tofanelli, Callaway in the illegal quorum to Lungren's office?
Bryce be careful, your integrity is showing. Spellman will be after you next.