Monday, August 27, 2012

Mike Peccia Corrected by General Manager

  During the discussion of their General Manager Julio Guerra's resignation, Mike Peccia, yelled out that Musphys Sanitary District got along fine before without a General Manager, when the room erupted in laughter.

    After reminders of the sludge violations that occurred during that time, Peccia yelled out that the State of California knew all about the sludge all along.

   General Manager Guerra corrected Mr. Peccia, telling Peccia and the Board of Directors that he has reviewed this with the State, and they, indeed, did not know about the collection of sludge at that time.

   Peccia was then quiet for a time. Guerra will continue part time until a new GM is hired.  What a terrific loss this is, just when Guerra was trying to get the District out of so much trouble.

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