Friday, August 31, 2012

Letter to Editor: Finally, About Candy Rock

    Dear Editor:
      I can't believe I've found a newspaper that tells it like it really is, and I'm talking about the Candy Rock gun shooting place that the forestry created for their friends.
   I agree with your last letter about this issue; that if the forestry doesn't move it to a more remote location and enforce regulations and rules, that they don't care about the rest of us residents.
    The facts are clear. The shooters want no rules, no regulation, they want to shoot free, and without any  supervision. There's a reason for that, and I don't have to tell you what it is.
   And the other writer is correct that we are afraid of retribution, especially from one certain person who is adamant that they keep shooting at Candy Rock forever.  
    Why hasn't the Forest Service done anything? Probably because they don't want to and they don't care about all of the rest of us.
                                                         Tired of Candy off their Rockers


Willy-K said...

As regards "The shooters want no rules, no regulations, etc. There's a reason and I don't have to tell you what it is." Please enlighten me because I don't know what it is.

Anonymous said...

Please do not print my name. Some of these shooters have threatened my nighbors. So the BIG question is: Why hasn't the FS done anything? According to the district ranger-- Memorial Day the Stanislaus law enforcement were too busy on other parts of the District to be patrolling or monitoring the quarry. This even though the FS knows it's a "hot spot." Hot spot+Memorial Day weekend? An eighth grader could do that math. The district ranger also seems to take the FS regulations lightly--even though they were shooting illegally on Sunday, but were doing it safely. Gee, a slap on the hands for that. And in the same breath the same district ranger admits that neither the FS nor the Sheriff has the ability to prevent explosions such as those neighbors experienced over Memorial Day at the quarry. Hello? Closing the quarry to shooting would be a good start.

I understand the FS feels a strong need to pander to special interests, especially when the NRA is in their pockets and FS personnel have been using the quarry as a shooting range and have friends who do so as well. What way to run the shop. Only dispersed shooting is legal on the Stan and it's their job to convince us...while they just turn their backs on that little quarry thing that has become an ad hoc shooting range. Sorry Stanislaus FS. NO CIGAR.