Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RNC Boos! And Then Chants!

  When the motion was made to accept the roles of the delegates to the 2012 Convention, there were nearly as many noes as ayes. Why? We aren't sure.

   Then when the lady from Puerto Rico came forward there was a loud chanting USA, USA, drowning out her speech. Reince Preibus, Chair, had to ask for respect to allow the lady to speak.

   This seemed to be the first sign of racism to a woman with a strong Puerto Rican accent. How disturbing.


Anonymous said...

They were NOT booing Reince Preibus. They were booing the rules change!! Please know the facts before posting. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

typical liberal media assuming racism at the drop of hat or if someone looks at you funny

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico is not a state. There has been a long push to make Puerto Rico a state.