Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oller Announces Run for Senate Seat in Two Years?

   In a surprise announcement in an interview, Rico Oller, currently running against Frank Bigelow for Assembly, said that he only plans to spend only 2 years in the Assembly.

   In what many believe is a sign of arrogance, Oller then said he can serve another term in the California State Senate. Does he plan to run against Tom Berryhill, a very popular State Senator,  for his seat?  Berryhill has endorsed Frank Bigelow for Assembly.

    So, since this is merely a stepping stone to what Oller seems to think are bigger and better things, why would anyone vote for him?

   This is one reason, among many, why the Sierra Sentinel is endorsing Frank Bigelow for Assembly

    Much more to come!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was KNJ radio, not KMJ 580 AM dial? Just checking, never heard of KNJ, where is it?

Anonymous said...

I went through the archives and even called KMJ. When did this happen?

Anonymous said...

I found out that Oller can only legally serve two years, and that he said he can still serve 6 years in the state senate.
i'm not voting for someone who only plans on staying in office for two years, or who is using it as a jumping off place to run for senate against Berryhill.

Anonymous said...

Oller's tea party should take their racist ideas and move to a different district.

Anonymous said...

Career politician.......Remember Russ Thomas who ran a second term to get life long medical? Disgraceful