Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bears Have a Sweet Tooth

We're not sure, but this could
be a photo of that bear cub
the next moring!
  If you are a regular reader of the Sierra Sentinel, you know that last year we reported a black bear that opened the back door of a home in the Bear Valley area and went straight to a cabinet where the owner stashed his Hersheys Chocolate Bars.

   Well, in Estes Park, Colorado a woman who owns Rocky Mountain Chocolates came in one moring to find a few candies missing and some things out of place, and figured it was probably a
 ground squirrel.

   Once she saw the video tape, the reality of a young Black Bear with a sweet tooth opened her eyes.

   She said that the latch on the front door lock wasn't working right, and somehow the bear must have known. He made 7 trips into the store for goodies during the night.

     He had good taste, as he grabbed chocolate covered rice krispy bars, peanut butter cups, and toffee and had no problem disposing of the wrappers.

   The owner repaired the lock and cleaned up the wrappers. She said that there wasn't much in the way of damage; that bears just do what the do best and that is to eat.

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