Thursday, August 23, 2012

Candy Rock Quarry Not a Legal Shooting Range?

Could this be the explosions
local residents hear?
     Since we first began investigating the controversy over the shooting that goes on a Candy Rock Quarry in Hathaway Pines, many pieces of information have come to our attention. This is NOT a LEGAL Shooting Range, for one!
    For another, the meeting that Supervisor Callaway, the Forest Service and the Calaveras Sheriff's Department held in 2009 netted just about NO RESULTS. The Forest Service has allowed shooters to use the quarry for many years, and in fact, they are friends with the shooters and some use it themselves.
    Many residents in that area have the same exact problems to this day and are afraid to give their names, as they fear retribution from certain shooters.
    The Forest Service ordered a Neutral Assessment of the Quarry site and 3 out of 4 of their final determinations included closing the Quarry to shooting. (Feb 2011)
     Since then the Forest Service has said they are completing their own assessment and decision on what to do about the Quarry but are yet to make their decision.
    We were taken aback when we read of the signs of shell casings on the ground outside the quarry, signs saying "NO shooting towards the homes" with bullets in them and hanging upside down, signs of explosive targets and skeet shooting in the quarry, and signs of camping with debris and shell casings along the road to the quarry, well outside the shooting area.
      What is going to happen? Who has more rights, the shooters or the nearby residents? And why can't they simply move it to an area less inhabited? (the simple solution)

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