Friday, August 17, 2012

Letter to the Editor About Agendas and Elections

  Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   Watching the Board of Supervisors video last night on channel 9 was difficult. Out of 28 items they put on the Consent Agenda nearly 20 were pulled because of controversy.

   This is an embarrassment. I watched for nearly three hours as they fought about bears, wasted money, and finally the Grand Jury Response. Yes, they even
put that on the Consent Agenda!

   What this Board of Supes did was prove in every way that the 2012 Grand Jury was correct. Long terms without limits, conflicts of interest allowed to fester with voters, and general waste of our tax money is what is ruining Calaveras County.

   On the final item of the Consent Agenda (consent, meaning non-controversial and to be voted on all together without discussion)  members of the public harangued, criticized and in general let this Board know that trying to deny what the Grand Jury said will not work with any of us.

   This is the final corruption and I'm sick of it.  When will it stop? The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tofanelli is the leader of this bunch of no-goods and he, Tryon and Wilensky have got to go.

                          R in Valley Springs


Anonymous said...

Is this true? 3 hours just on the consent items. Something isn't right. Should those items have been on the regular agenda instead?

Anonymous said...

Aren't we lucky there are citizens finding time to attend and question consent agenda items?