Sunday, August 5, 2012

Letter to the Editor: About the Post Office

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

     I have been following the articles in the Sentinel about problems at the Post Office. I have to say that I agree completely that the Post Office is outdated, lazy,
a waste of OUR money, and that many of the employees are rude, crude, overpaid,  and shouldn't  have the job at all.

   While I have many personal complaints about certain people I am forced to deal with in order to get my BILLS and ADVERTISEMENTS (that is really all that comes in a P.O. box these days), I know better than to make formal complaints.

   The Postal Service covers for each other, and No One Ever is punished for their misdeeds, whatever they are. (the American Postal Workers Union)

   I was especially entertained by the person who wrote to you, signing themselves AKA Postal. How fitting!

   Keep up the good work, Sentinel. I check your website several times a day. Thank you for all your work and investigations. Bringing out the truth is not always popular, especially if you are the offender or elected official being exposed.
                                    Sick of the Postals in Ebbetts Pass


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punky said...

I agree completely!