Saturday, August 18, 2012

Letter to the Editor... About Supervisor Wilensky

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

     I finally got to watch the Board of Supervisors meeting on TV last night. What an embarrassing debacle by the entire board.

    What peaked my interest was the statement Supervisor Wilesnky made after listening to all the complaints from the public that the Supervisors tried to negate the Grand Jury and how innocent they are.

   He actually said that if it is true that we have intentionally tried to stifle the Public then we have "failed as a Board".

    In this Boards tenure, we have had scandals, lawsuits, and personal agendas with obvious conflicts of interest, not to mention the intentional attempts to stifle the Publics right to speak.

  This is not just an embarrassment to this county but to all government in the country.

                                                  E.S.  in Ebbetts Pass

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Anonymous said...

And now all five have added their approval of cruelty to dogs, bears and bobcats to that list.