Thursday, August 23, 2012

Loud Explosions at Candy Rock?

Thunder in the Canyon

   On the logs of the Sheriff's department was a report of an explosion at the Candy Rock (Stanislaus National Forest) shooting range in Hathaway Pines on Memorial Day.
     When we saw that the incident was logged as "no report taken" it made us ask some questions. Our call the the Sheriff's office was at first met with "We don't know, we'll have to check", and then a call back later stated that the U.S. Forest Service had made the call to the Sheriff.
    The reason it was logged as "no report taken" was because the Forest Service called back and said that they had gone to the shooting range and the cars that had been there were now gone. They called off the Sheriff from coming to the site.
    Does that mean that they found the explosives and solved the crime themselves? Or does it mean that the people down there were friends of theirs and they didn't want them to get into trouble?
    There are not explosions without some explanation, and many who live in that area are not happy with the Forest Service not patrolling their shooting range regularly, if at all.
     Since they had known there were cars down there they must have passed them on their way back out. There is only one road. Were they searched? Why not? Explosions should be fully investigated, especially at Candy Rock, about which so many complaints are made.

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