Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gossiping Government Workers - On our Dime!!

   I don't think there is anything more that can angry a taxpayer then gossiping government employees!
   Do you know what goes on at the Calaveras County Clerk's Office while the rest of us are working and paying taxes?

   Gossip, Gossip, gossip!!

   More and more we find this; the worse the economy seems to get, the more these overpaid, and obviously underworked employees spend wasting our tax money.

   Once every 5 years or so, every business owner must refile their ficticious name statement. It isn't as if we ENJOY going to the government center for ANYTHING!

    While standing at the counter waiting, you overhear gossip coming from the County Clerk's office, where the Board Clerk  Diane Severud, County Clerk Madaline Krska (an elected official), and some other unknown woman were gossiping.

   It might not have been so noticeable, except that they were talking about myself and my husbands' businesses.

   It could only have stemmed from the mistake I made earlier in the morning when I asked by email for Madaline Krska to please verify that a fictitious name we wanted to use had been apparently abandoned.

   Now the young clerk who helped at the counter was sweet and helpful, which I appreciated, but the three in the private office with the door open are another story.

   When I returned to my office, I emailed County Clerk Krska that "I want to commend the young girl that helped me with fictitious names filing this morning. Don't know if I appreciate the gossip coming from your office, however. Perhaps you should close your door.  People can hear you from the counter."

    That was at 11:37 AM.  It is now 2:45 PM and we have not heard one word back from her.  We realize of course that the gossip was most likely centered on the fact that they were interested in the name we were filing for.

   Gossip, gossip, gossip!!  This is what these people are doing with our hard-earned tax money. As for me, I had better not hear one more word about how hard County employees working due to cutbacks.

    In fact,it it obvious there should be more cutbacks.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious you don't go to governent center much or you would know that place is nothing but a giant gossip center.
No, these people are not overworked. They always have time to gossip about anyone and everyone.

Anonymous said...

I know that Madaline never was this way before the allowed Callaway to bring in one of her henchmen.

Anonymous said...

You just hit on the real problem. The entire offices down there are changed because of this hire of callaways'

Anonymous said...

This is the reason our governments go broke. We pay - they play!!

Anonymous said...

Don't expect any changes. With three extreme liberals on the board, the regular folks don't have a chance. We just pay and pay and pay.

Anonymous said...

Too bad a county employee has the absolute rudeness to gossip while in earshot of any public!!! And WE pay her wages?? Is this the same gossip that spread rumors all over Murphys before her demise from UPUD?? No doubt she is fueled with the Callaway gas!!