Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Postal Union Runs more TV ads

   All the while that the postal workers are complaining they can't pay for their retirement requirements, and are losing millions all the tie, the union is spending millions on television advertising.

   The ads, in our opinion are ill-timed and ineffective, as ost people realize more and more that the postal workers are simply out of touch with reality.

   However, many older Americans buy into their fear tactics, convinced that it should stay as corrupt as it is now, no matter how much they have to pay for postage.

   This money is being spent to try and make YOU, the person who pays for the high wages and retirement benefits, feel guilty.

   And then this morning a congressman referred to postal workers as government employees who are almost impossible to GET FIRED, even one who killed someone.

   The only way to correct the horrendous corruption and waste, not to mention the incompetence, is to close them down the way they are now and contract them out to a company who knows how to run a business.

   These political activists, the APWU workers, campaign for those elected officials who will leave things the way they are--without caring how much the public is paying.

   If it is contracted out to someone like UPS or FedEx, the political campaigners will be gone, and that is the first big step in cleaning up the corruption.

   Don't be a dummy. We will still have post offices, but better, friendlier and without the corruption of politics in them.

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