Sunday, March 31, 2013

Op-Ed....What's Wrong with the Chambers of Commerce?

   In Calaveras County, a lot of time is spent talking up and seeming to promote the Chambers
of Commerce by elected officials.

    We hear "I'm going to a mixer the chamber tonite", and on and on.

   This is not a way to promote business in a county where "absolutely  no growth" is allowed per Calaveras County law (unless you have a million or so to throw their way).

   This is a way to pretend that you are pro-business to an uneducated electorate who hasn't a clue how difficult it is to open, fight the county and survive in Calaveras County, no matter what the business.

  But even begore the Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 07-242 in 2007, the Chamber of Commerce was not successful anyway.

   A good Chamber of Commerce is political..  They lobby constantly. Calaveras Chamber of Commerce NEVER has done that to our knowledge.

   This chamber of commerce states that they ONLY try to help and support businesses who join their club!  INSANITY, and a losing policy.

   This chamber of commerce tends to hire cruise directors, not executive directors to handle the day to day business. Until they get serious about this, nothing positive will happen.

   Last week and approximately 5 years ago,   the chamber and other little business groups came before the Board of Supervisors, afraid to actually tell the truth.

   The Calaveras County  Board of Supervisors is ANTI-business, ANTI-job, ANTI-growth of any kind, and does not give a **** whether people outside of government have jobs or not!

   When the Chamber President hints around at that fact, he is insulted, Callaway and Wright (exactly like Callaway and Wilensky) can be seen huddling, trying to look up and dispute everything he says. They have NO intention of changing anything to provide jobs!!  

   (continued) a little about District 3

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Anonymous said...

HEY!! Who are you calling uneducated? Wasn't the former District 1 supervisor pro-growth? Maybe the uneducated got wind that he exaggerated a lot.
Tryon with Tryonville was pro-growth, look what happened to him.
Spellman, nobody knows what he is?
Callaway, as long as it is not a negative effect on her district. She likes 07-242, 40 acres & a mule. There is still a lot of people upset with the denial without prejudice of the Sawmill Project / Castle & Cook.