Saturday, March 30, 2013

Letter to the Editor: About Economic Study Session

   Dear Editor:

   I have to give credit to Cliff Edson, the new Supervisor for District 1 for bringing an economic study session to the Board.

   What I actually saw, however,  was the same old, same old; Jeff Davidson trying to say nicely that it is the Board of Supervisors fault for the economy and job loss and District 3 Supervisor insulting Davidson (CCWD Board) that CCWD charges $25,000 for a hookup.

   In other words, nothing changes in Calaveras County. With 15% unemployment affecting at least 30% of families,  without any growth allowed, we're dead economically.

   Callaway failed to mention that here in Arnold, her Planned Development and anti-builders attitude, she is responsible for killing the Ebbetts Pass economy.

  BR in Arnold


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Supervisor Spellman said he was a Conservative. That's a laugh! He passes all these new fees and licenses and laws. He's the biggest LIBERAL on the entire board.

Anonymous said...

What I noticed most was Callaway and Wright trying to pick apart everything Davidson said. They will never be pro-job!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll missed an important statement made by Supervisor Wright. He wants a sawmill and the necessities that go with it. Wasn't it the environmental movement that shut down the lumber industry? He also wants the recreational use of the Moke River off of Ponderosa Rd. in District 2.
What's with the change of heart?
As to insulting CCWD, WHAT? The term infrastructure was bandied about. There is insufficient infrastructure and allotted water in CCWD's bucket and insufficient financial abilities without grants. Why is that?
Cliff Edson has ideas. But, the same old folks still control other boards. Where will the commercial enterprises be constructed? The county needs to set up a large, centrally located area for commercial development, like other local governments have done for years. The biggest draw back is???

Anonymous said...

I almost fell off my chair when Al Segalla said he's on the Board of Realtors.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sierra Sentinel, you wrote not long ago that maybe Wright wasn't wrong, after all.
What do you say now?