Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lake Tulloch--The real neighbor wars begin!

   Now that the "nice" neighbors at Tulloch (the ones who threaten others) have
got their ordinance, we as the public learned which Supervisors are anti business and anti-job, not to mention anti-tourist on our Board of Supervisors.

   The vote was Ponte, Wright and of course, the all-knowing Spellman. This was a good lesson for all of us.

   Now the real neighborhood wars will begin, as we read in the comments this past week.  If war is what these Supervisors wanted, it is definitely what they are getting.

   Spellman, we understand, is at a loss to know what he is doing at any given time. But Wright and Ponte should have known better.


Anonymous said...

Ponte capitulated to a small group of supporters during her campaign. After all she has spent nearly half an hour in Copper do she knows best. Quietly behind the scenes the work begins to make sure Spellman does not get elected

Anonymous said...

The decision was made ahead of time on the 3 yes votes. Leaves ones imagination to wonder as to why Ponte was so adamant that this ordinance pass with such opposition & no factual data to show a need, of course Spellman voted for it since he has been spewing that short term rentals are illegal since he took office (although county has been collecting transient occupancy tax for the past 48 years) and then there is Mr. Wright...now that's a free thinker we have there, he actually told someone that he had to vote for it because Debbie wanted it & it's her district! This will make for some good entertainment down at Tulloch this summer...grown men sneaking around with high powered night vision binoculars doing head counts in the bedrooms!

Anonymous said...

Watch out for a full moon from the bedroom window.