Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Supervisor Wright Plays the Game

   A bit disappointing, but we understand how the dirty game of politics
is played at our Calaveras Board of Supervisors.

   We've heard quite a bit of criticism about Chris Wright's statement that he only voted for the Lake Tulloch Transient Rental Tax because it's Ponte's district and she wants it.

   Although some may not understand, dirty politics are played just this way in Calaveras County. If he had voted against her rental tax, she would most likely vote against something he wants in District 2.

   Calaveras County is no different from any other place where politics is played. Lobbyists, trades for votes, and money make the decisions; not what is right for the people of Calaveras County.

  On the other hand, most people we've spoken to say Spellman is not going to be re-elected, due to his bad comments and decisions.

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