Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are you "Bear Aware"?

    California Department of Fish and Wildlife has declared May "Bear Aware" month and wants to be sure you understand the nature of the black bears of California. THERE ARE NO GRIZZLIES IN CALIFORNIA!!

The bear cub was released after
being treated for injuries. 
   Very seldom ever becoming violent towards humans, a female with a cub can become protective. Mostly, all bears do is look for food and water, and they have excellent noses.

  If you keep your trash outside, have a hot tub, or other nuisance smell that attracts them, don't act surprised and try to have them killed. This is your own fault.  I know some wackos like this.

   I know of one person who feeds wild cats, and other critters like raccoons on their porch and then screams bloody murder if a hungry black bear should come by. YOU are the nut to blame!

   If you should come into contact with a black bear, simply raise up your arms and yell and 99 times out of 100 they will run. They don't really like humans.

     We are not generally nice to be around, you know. If you knew of some of the mental neighbors we've been told about, you would understand. Leave the bears alone and they will leave you alone.

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