Thursday, May 8, 2014

City of Angels Camp wants 40 acre parcel next to church?

   Due to a comment we received on our article about Dixon Collins, the developer, being appointed to the Planning Commission, we have sent email questions to the Mayor, Council-member Lynch, City Administrator McHatten and Planning Director David Hanham.

   The commenter seems to believe that the City is wanting to buy the 40 acre parcel next to the church that is now requesting a City water line extended from Finnegan Lane, to be paid for by the taxpayers. 

   We have also been trying to find out who owns that 40 acre parcel and what Mr. Collins has to do with any of this. We will let you know what they tell us.

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Anonymous said...

Extend water from Finnegan Ln. ??????? If I remember correctly isn't the fairgrounds on water from Murphys Water District? Wouldn't it be closer for the church to get their water line from there? Folks need to look into that or the city is gonna dry the town folks up!