Saturday, May 17, 2014

Letter to the Editor...About Horse Racing

   Dear Editor:

    I recently forced myself to watch the video that PETA took of the treatment of the horses that race at racetracks across the country to make money for gamblers and their owners.

   It isn't enough to say I was shocked! I was sickened both as an animal lover and as a human being. Do you know they drug them up, torture them and then just kill them when they don't perform well enough.

   I want more people to go online to the PETA or New York Times websites and watch the evidence be exposed. I will never again watch a horserace, and when it is brought up, I will talk about these hours of tapes.

   Something needs to be done, when animals are allowed to be mistreated in order for PEOPLE to get rich and famous.  They should be locked up. Why aren't they???

   JR in Tuolumne County

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