Thursday, May 1, 2014

McClintock now seems Terrified of Art Moore!!

Art Moore, candidate for
Congress District 4
   Instead of attending the debates set up for himself and Art Moore, the incumbent McClintock, who does not live here, has been attempting to hold Town Halls to promote himself.

   Calling them NON-political, very few people other than Tea Party members are attending. What is he afraid of?  Well, Art Moore, of course!! 


Anonymous said...

Mcclintock is simply afraid of getting questions about why he lied about his pension.

Anonymous said...

McClintock's most recent Town Hall, in Oakhurst, was a flop. Few people attended and a lot of them were other politicians. There is a write up in the Oakhurst Sierra Star. And in the same source, Columnist Peter Cavanaugh has a couple of thoughtful columns about McClintock.