Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Veterans Condemn McClintock!! Who's Advising this turkey, Boner???

  Veteran leaders in the 4th Congressional District have condemned and rebuked Congressional candidate Tom McClintock for attacking veterans. Moore is getting endorsement
after endorsement as a result.

  According to John Dyer and Kristoffer Berrien, leaders of veterans in District 4, "Art Moore followed the path of Patton, Eisenhower and Marshall re:  consciously not participating in civilian politics while a full time military officer."

  "For Tom McClinton, who has NEVER SERVED, to criticize this decorated veteran is reprehensible. He should apologize." We feel he should apologize to ALL veterans for his behavior.

   McClintock has not only NEVER served in our military, but he will again not even be allowed to vote for himself because he does NOT reside in our District 4, like Moore does. 

   "For Tom McClintock, who has never even sniffed an infantry boot, to criticize the manner in which Art Moore has served his country is deeply offensive," said Moore's advisor Rob Stutzman.

  "McClintock's idea of service is to collect a pension from California tazpayers and then double dip by getting a congressional salary at the same time.  I think voters will choose Art Moore's record of Public service over McClintock's record of self-interest."

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