Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How did Calaveras County get its name??

   Calaveras--means Skulls in Spanish!  Why are we called Calaveras (Skulls) County?  Are we the county of death???

   Back in the 1800's when any Native Americans tribes were found by would be settlers, they were slaughtered and their skulls thrown into the rivers.

   Later travelers discovered these skulls and...

   ...hence the name Skulls or Calaveras County!  What has changed?  The skulls may not be found in the rivers anymore, but we are the number one county for suicides, a higher rate than most.

   The Butte Fire didn't help!  More died after the fire than as a direct cause of the fire.  It was like no one cared enough to put the fire out in our poor, rural county.

   Many couldn't handle the aftermath and the suicide rate shot way up.  Can anything change SKULLS County??

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