Sunday, August 27, 2017

Arnold is a dying town...more than ever!! Get rid of Oliveira!!!

   If you have driven down Hwy 4 through Arnold lately you know how many vacant, deteriorating and FOR SALE buildings there are.

   Such a nice little town
and NOT supported by our elected officials. Businesses dying, falling apart, closing, gone, for sale, etc.  We need to get rid of Oliveira!  He only supports BARS!

   Who will run against this loser in the next election. We need someone who truly cares about the people, and that mean supporting the business community.

   The GABA website looks more like a visitors bureau than a business org. Who's running GABA, it's sure hidden online.  Something's wrong! We've reached out to Merita Callaway for some answers and will let you know her response.

   If you are interested in the hard work of campaigning to get a good paying job as Supervisor, the gun THUG Supe Oliveira should be easy to beat!  He's a LOSER!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is so true. An d Olivera is making it worse. what is the chamber doing about it. the've got san andreas to worry about, so they don't care.