Thursday, August 24, 2017

Calaveras Sheriff won't answer if kkk interest?

  UPDATE:  After receiving the comment about the swastika below, we again asked DiBasilio to respond, now to this new allegation.  So far no response.

  It is very concerning that the temporary Calaveras Sheriff is hiding and avoiding the questions put to him about his friendship with the kkk in Calaveras.

   If he would just come out and
declare against TRUMP and all his KKK, Alt-Right, White Supremacist and local thugs associated with Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira, he could clean up the dirt that is following him around, and will still be there in the campaign.

   Even worse are the rumors that his wife and girlfriend are involved with these scumbag racists. He must be closely tied to them to refuse to free himself publicly. So sad. Bigly sad!  


Anonymous said...

Probly one of his many female conquests over the years.

Anonymous said...

This is insane. He should be thrown out! NOW!!!