Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cliff Edson gets mad!!

   Cliff Edson got up before the Calaveras Supervisors August 29, 2017 during Public Comment about the Supervisors committing a crime.

   He stated that they have the money to help children get to school safely and other items of need, but instead they waste time fighting about cannabis.  He was aiming directly at Tofanelli, Supervisor of District 1.  "You have the money!  Fix things!" shouted Edson.


Anonymous said...

What did Edson fix during his term in office? He just let the corruption continue. The current supervisors are dealing with the Edson mess. Look closely, pay attention, you will see the great escape of incompetent and dereliction of duty employees leaving for retirement rather than being fired.

Anonymous said...

Edson is a putz! Edson, while elected, did little for his voting constituents. Now he's trying to recall Tofanelli.