Thursday, August 24, 2017

How do you know if there's a dirty cop nearby???

   There are several ways of knowing if there is a dirty cop anywhere near you.

   Even before sight, the odor, or smell of rotting pig is permeating the air. DUH!

   As you come nearer, if there is speaking, you can tell it's a lying no good cop!

   Their eyes dart back and forth and sometimes their whole head twerks as if a mental condition is present!  There is a mental condition present.

   If they are wider than they are tall, and blubber continually, beware!  Very much beware! 

   Finally, if you read a cop report and see the lies; then you know their BOSS is also a dirty cop!!  It goes right down the line!

   Born a dirty cop!  Will die a dirty cop and be remembered a dirty cop!!

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