Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Is it true that Supervisor Mills wants Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio FIRED???

   Rumors are swirling around the emails that have been exposed of Calaveras Supervisor Mills trying to get DiBasilio fired.

   Does he have three votes?  Let's see, him, and Clapp (will do whatever Mills tells him) and Toffy (he's wishy-washy on everything)? He thinks DiBasilio is really for regulation and not PURE enough for BAN like good little Trumpers should be.


Anonymous said...

YES, he does. HE can't control the sheriff. Speaks very poorly of him behind his back just like he did to all county officials at the famous Supes meeting where he said all growers are criminals and should move out of the county. The county is doing a terrible job and we should fire some. Supervisor Garam. was the only one to speak up against the unprofessional rant, then Mr. Oliveira said he doesn't agree with MIlls and Clapp comments.
The only other person keeping the same conversation is the ever brilliant Clyde Clapp. Mills, you and Mr. Clapp are on your way out.

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!