Friday, August 25, 2017

Sheriff gets Supervisors to create fund for Spending on POT??

   To correct the violation of law of the Calaveras Sheriff DiBasilio, he has conned the Calaveras Supervisors (especially the Chair Oliveira) into changing the law and creating a fund called AUGMENTATION (theft) so he can harass cannabis farmers. It's on the August 29, 2017 agenda. Hard to believe?? NO, not in Calaveras!!

   Corruption is so rampant that when an elected official is caught doing wrong, the Board just changes the law so he can get away with it???

   Since our anonymous tip about DiBasilio being a Nazi sympathizer like Oliveira's bunch of thugs, we understand why the Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis are getting away with anything they want. No trouble from the county Sheriff, right??

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