Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Who should NOT be appointed Judge in Calaveras County???

   With all the hubbub about Judge Barrett suddenly resigning his judgeship, the barrage of wannabe judges is nearly overwhelming.

   What we know is that NO judge should be appointed:

   Who is racist and spoke hatefully of President Obama during his term.

   Who could change their voter registration just to try and LOOK like a Democrat.  And then say to people "Would I ever do something like that?"  YES, you would!!

   Who could EVER go out of their way, on the road, to help a dirty racist cop!!!

   The Sierra Sentinel is going out of our way to write letters to lobby Sacramento, especially the Governors office, to make sure ONE person, who fits the above description, is NOT appointed a judge in Calaveras County!!

    Governor Brown:  We have enough crooked judges. Please give us an honorable one for a change!!

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Anonymous said...

He's bests buddies with the altright pub def, isn't he?