Monday, August 28, 2017

More Lies by Mr. BigPot McmAnus??

We have been promised more of Mr. BigPot McmAnus's emails to be made public, possible causing more recusals on the cannabis issue.

   Mr. BigPot himself, now a self-proclaimed religious wacko extremist, who takes money out of the donation dish, told even more lies in his last so-called email 'newsletter'. 

   This known liar from years past, who could not get elected dog-catcher because of his personal behavioral problems involving women and association with the known racist Preston, who was witnessed threatening the President of the US. expects anyone to believe him now?

   He really should check himself in for treatment of his problems.  Are YOU giving this man money?  What a fool you are!!!   These people are all tied to the District 3 Oliveira campaign committee.  Are you throwing up yet???

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This weirdo was never seen at meetings until his pal oliveira got in, now can't get rid of him, or in churches. just for money, just mfor money