Monday, August 28, 2017

Lisa Meutterties calls farmers LIARS??? Close with Mr BigPot???

  Every Calaveras Board of Supervisor's meeting they battle against every single applicant who wants to grow cannabis in the county, like THEY own the land.

   It became public during last Tuesday's meeting that Lisa Meutterties,
chair of the Planning Commission, actually tells applicants she'll believe them if they provide a witness or other proof, only.

  A woman who had stood in the line of hundreds on the deadline to apply to get a permit and was told to sign a paper with her phone number was NOT to be believed, according to this judgmental gun fanatic Meutterties. 

  It came out during this hearing and appeal that deputies had been taking names and numbers to help the Planning Department and that those lists are MISSING.  Meutterties was having none of it. Everyones' a liar apparently, except the Meutterties and their gun thug Supervisor Oliveira in Calaveras County.

   Do these corrupt officials believe they are GODS????  It is also fairly well known that Meutterties is VERY CLOSE  with Mr. BigPot McmAnus and Michael Preston (the one who threatens women and blacks)!

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