Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lots of bear sightings reported this summer

   We've heard a lot of bear sightings this year, especially late now in the summer months. They look for food and water wherever they can find it. Due to the

  We've only heard of one negative incident, involving
someone's chickens. If you have them, keep them in a bear-proof barn at night.

   The only injury we have ever heard of from a black bear was the hiker who ran from a mother with cubs in Avery many years back.  He got a scratch. 

   If you see one, just ignore it!  It will most likely ignore you, unless you leave your garbage outside or feed your dogs out where all the critters can smell it.

   The skunks and raccoons are hungry too!   If you see a bear, just enjoy it honoring you with its presence.  If you think its too close, just raise your arms and yell. They are pretty skittish!

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