Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Very concerned about Calaveras Supervisor Tofanelli's ties to Mr. BigPot??

  Now that the emails have been released, the second one stating that Mr. BigPot McmAnus was given an hour of Tofanelli's time after the first email is very concerning.

  We are told that good citizens
who do not agree with Tofanelli and Mr. BigPot's religious extremist stand against cannabis, are NEVER given this much of Tofanelli's time.  Why is that?

   Tofanelli now needs to RECUSE himself from any decisions on cannabis that come before the Board of Supervisors. He has completely abused his decision making abilities and has exposed himself for what he is.

   Can any other citizen, and especially someone like McmAnus, tell us Tofanelli gave them an hour of his time to help them pass or prevent passage of anything???


Anonymous said...

getting mixed up with the religious nuts is what caused eson his job. prayers, white supremacists, the whole bit

District 1 voter said...

He wasn't truthful about his stance on marijuana before the election to get my vote. I wonder if he will have to change his mind now that veterans organizations are for medical marijuana. Disabled vet here and marijuana helps with nerve pain and the VA is fine my use. Recall them all.

Anonymous said...

HE advertised that Merita Callaway supported him, but even she didn't realize, I don't think, that he is a turncoat. she helped get him elected.

Anonymous said...

IF I had known that tofanelli was such a dingbat right winger, I would never have voted for him. sorry now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah? But did you vote for him the first time he ran for office?