Saturday, August 19, 2017

Billionaire Mercer family got Bannon and Conway their jobs -- new TV show?

   We have now learned that both Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway were Mercer employees in their right wing media empire when the Mercers asked Trump to hire them last year.

   Mercer owns and supports Breitbart, where Bannon will continue to be a force.  Bannon met with Mercer on Wednesday to discuss his return to the Mercer companies.  Mercer was a big donor to Trump!

  There is talk of a new Breitbart TV show, and how they will be going to war against moderate Republicans that Mercer and Bannon feel pushed him out of the White House.

   The racist element that no one seemed to realize was so large in the U.S. will likely stay with Bannon and they will challenge Trump to do the racist things he promised he would.

   They are warning they will shut down the government to get "build the wall" and will also press for no Muslim immigration.

   Where will moderate Republicans (are there any left) land?  Will they side with Breitbart or the people and the constitution?  This is a scary time for democracy!  Will it survive?

   Bannon and Conway may be the only two not connected previously with Russsia.

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