Monday, August 21, 2017

Letter to the Calaveras Supervisors

   Dear Calaveras County Board of Supervisors,

   I've made my support for the Dollar General store in West Point known, and I have made my beliefs regarding the Snowden, Hodson and Richardson situations known.

   These beliefs are derived from the facts and logical renderings of what is right and wrong, but at this point in my life I have no heart to listen to other's opinions as I have much better things to do than go to San Andreas or watch video.

   Those much better things are a walk or a bicycle ride, the gym, yoga, meditation, an early lunch, a late supper.

   I'm also working on growing a beard, and this is very time consuming.

   I don't regard any of you as idiotic or na├»ve when it comes to government matters. I retain respect for you, but you really should take this into consideration:

   Everything that you do has downstream consequences.  If you pollute the watershed, it impacts people in the Bay Area.  They have the extra expenses associated with treating the water.

   If you don't regulate drug production, the downstream consequences of those drugs are that those drugs end up on the streets of major cities and impact poor and minority groups, and those were two of my major concerns that I voiced during the lead-up to the urgency ordinance, and now the state will take on the county's failings.

   It's painfully evident that much of your staff doesn't have the breadth of knowledge and inherent ability of reason or even the capacity to learn that would allow then to positively impact policy decisions, so those decisions are left to you alone.

    You must do the research and do the reasoning in order to make the right decisions.  Remember, don't give to much credence to the opinions of those that have a stake in the outcomes.  They are lobbying you.

   With respect,


  P.S.  The CAO is your employee.  You really need to order him to speak in a more natural tone.  He's not William F. Buckley.  He's a Central Valley person with Central Valley experiences, etc. It's rather pretentious.


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