Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thank Goodness for John Garamendi

  John Garamendi is being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN right now. They are discussing the pathological lying and blitzing of the press.

   Garamendi reminded Blitzer that it was Nazi Germany's way of promoting a Dictatorship to first
ostracize and basically eliminate the press as any type of adversary.

   Wonderful interview of John Garamendi, who son is now a Calaveras Supervisor. We are grateful that John is a Congressman. McClintock, who is supposed to represent Calaveras is a worthless Trumper. 


Anonymous said...

There aren't enough John Garamendi's in this country. Hope Jack is as good!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful family and truly care about the people. Mary Jane was a lovely lady.