Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Sierra Sentinel will not be SCARED OFF, Mr. Calaveras Sheriff!!!

  As we have written here and told the authorities, the Sierra Sentinel will not be scared off by the racist, violent, dirty creeps who inhabit Calaveras County.

   We will write whatever we find to be true and are given as anonymous tips, including our opinion, and will not falter in our attempts to RID the area of the scum. 

   We have, as we have told all authorities, been threatened with burning our house down, have had vandalism, threats of rape and other physical injuries after publishing articles about DIRTY COPS and the KKK in Calaveras.

  After they have eliminated us (they will have to kill us) the publishing will still go on!  No one can stop the truth!!!  We are told the Sheriff is scared to death of these scumbags, too!! That's why Foothills Rising, nor anyone else can stop the spread of violence and racism.

   The crime problem in Calaveras and adjoining counties is not cannabis; it's RACISM, GUNS, Dirty Cops and wacko religion!!!


Anonymous said...

I feel too afraid to do anything but sit quietly and hope this all goes away.

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman in my 20's who would like to run for office but am afraid of all the hatred.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, what set all this off this morning??