Saturday, November 11, 2017

To "I've had it!" letter to the editor

      As most everyone knows, the divisiveness, hatred, racism and fear are permeating throughout what was a
great country, due to TRUMP. Out from under their rocks they have come!!!

   To the person who wrote the letter and others, don't just sit there!  DO SOMETHING!! Run for office or support someone here in this area to help get rid of the racist, right wing nuts like Mills and Clapp.

   They are out to destroy our county, just like the Trump bunch are doing at the Federal level. Get involved. Write letters, Join and attend Democratic meetings. Organize.

  DO SOMETHING!!! Don't just sit there and take it!!!


Anonymous said...

We need young women to run; they need political science classes and training. can't just jump in.

Anonymous said...

California already has an abundance of communist and socialist elected at the state level, might as well make it publicly known through regulation, throw out the constitution. Who needs it?

Anonymous said...

While I agree with your complaint you appear t be adding t the problem by believing the otherside is out to destroy the country. Fact is both sides are doing what the feel is right. what is wrong is saying the otherside is evil for it.