Friday, December 22, 2017

Forward on Cannabis w/backwards Calaveras Supervisors

   At the end of two more long days of working out the regulations of the new cannabis ordinance for Calaveras County, no decision was made.

   In fact, the BANNATICS got Tofanelli to agree to have a new meeting with the BAN on the agenda again in January of 2018.

   That means that Public Comment on the item will again have to be heard and we could be right back where we started with this issue.

  Also on the agenda will be a re-written Regulatory Ordinance for Cannabis in Calaveras County.

  With two back/country hicks like Mills and Clapp still on the Board, anything could happen. These two have been the most disruptive elected officials we've seen in Calaveras in a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Garamendi blew it and could have let the momentum move forward but no he listened to his foolish constituents who think they can get a perfect ordinance the first time! WRONG! What would you prefer an ordinance that can be amended but lets you move forward or a Ban that forces many into curt! Foolish gamble by foolish people who think they will get what they want. Prop 64 has had quite a few amendments over the last year.